1 – Don’t always assume the worst.

Give your kids the benefit of the doubt. You raised them well, right? They often try to do their best.

2 – Keep your ultimate goal in mind.

Is your goal to raise kids who think it is normal to jump to conclusions about people and get angry about every single little thing?

Or is it to raise happy and well-adjusted kids who know what inner peace and calmness is from their first-hand experience of it in their own home?

3 – Learn to be proactive.

Proactive people create or control a situation by causing something to happen – that is, the most ideal response – instead of waiting to respond to it after it has happened.

They are in control of the situation instead of always feeling out of control.

mom and baby

4 – Give your child the opportunity, freedom and space to be more independent.

Be willing to take a deep breath while they learn to get good at this.

Kids don’t automatically become independent and more responsible over night!

Sometimes they will make mistakes – just like you too did once upon a time in life.

5 – Try to see things from your child’s perspective.

Did they have a different intention from the one you assumed it to be?

Did they really intend to start Word World 3 with you?

Are they feeling tired or rushed?  

What do they need most from you right now: your love or your disapproval and punishment?

hungry mom